In Memory

David Sugg

(content shared by Ken Shires)

Sometimes confused with Sunny Suggs' brother, David, David Sugg died at age 44. He was a dear friend through our days at Enloe. We had so much laughter together; Happy Days would be an apt decription.

Maybe most memorable was a double date we set-up to see the Temptations and Dorton Arena. I was keen on R&B concerts in those days; we ended up with front row seats (that was before Ticketmastersmiley. While we were sitting their in anticipation of the entrance music, I happened to spot three of the Temps seated with some ladies on the dimly lit, highest row, immediately left of stage. That sighting prompted a stupefied look in David's direction and a "hey man! I think that's them!"  Reflexively, the two of us made our way up only to be told,  "we are not, and we don't give autographs until after the show". 

But, there were lots of instances of mindless fun. Rich memories! At the same time, I have had moments since his death when I was mad at him, mad that he has not been around for the last 26 years. I've missed him.

Martin Luther once said, "All of life is repentance".

It's comforting to know David was a believer; and, he knew he was not perfect. He did know who is! I have no doubt that when he closed his eyes to this life, he opened them to see the summum bonum, the supreme good, that is, the King of Glory, the Lord Strong and Mighty (Ps. 24:8)