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Carol Lynn Phillips

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Patricia Hutchins (Brglez)

As we recently celebrated our 45th graduation from Enloe on 5 June, I have thought of Lynn constantly.  The summer after graduation, Lynn and I rented a mobile home in Morehead City for the summer prior to her going to NCSU and me going to St. Mary's.  Lynn worked in the Arcade making change, as did I from time to time, and I worked in the same building in a small boutique or at the Surf Shop.  We had the '66 GTO convertible that we shared and we had a blast in that car, barely affording rent and gas!  Several times we coasted to the gas station/beer store just over the AB bridge on the right to buy gas for .25/gallon; thank God we never got stuck on the bridge with no gas.  We spent days on the beach and worked nights most of the time.  Lynn was one of my best and dearest friends and I continue to miss her to this day.

I occasionally see her mother in Morehead or on the beach; her parents retired to Pine Knoll Shores many years ago; her brother Jimmy lives in Jacksonville, NC.  Just prior to her entering NCSU, her parents bought her a 1974 Honda Civic to replace the Rambler.  What a sweet little car, dark brown and it would run forever on a tank of gas.  Several times I spent the weekend with Lynn at Carroll Dorm; that was quite an experience for me, all those girls sharing bathrooms/showers.  Cultural shock and Lynn loved it.  She had a wonderful roommate, Tabitha.  They roomed together all four years.  Upon graduation, Lynn went to work as a rec therapist at Mayview on Whitaker Mill.  She took special care of my great-Aunt Mary who was a resident and quite the craft person.  Aunt Mary was a ceramicist with a kiln in her home on Montgomery Street prior to moving to Mayview and Lynn had to listen to her endless stories, always with patience.

Lynn, Galen Meekins, Kathy Montgomery, Donna Hooper, and I had many adventures together while at Enloe, which shall remain anonymous and nameless.  I will say we always had a designated driver whenever we went anywhere (or called my parents).  We drove everything from our '65 Cadillac to Donna's little Toyota.  What fun we had and managed to keep our names out of the paper and off the police blotter!!  I will always miss Lynn, her vivaciousness, humor, and love of doing strange things like cooking 100 hard-boiled eggs to dye for an Easter Party at her parents.  And riding the golf cart all around Raleigh CC.  I love you Lynn and I know you have always been one of my guardian angels. 

Trish Hutchins Brglez




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