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07/06/10 07:11 PM #1    


Ken Shires

Welcome to the William G Enloe High School Class Of 1970 forums. Please press "Post Response" to participate in the discussion.

07/24/13 06:08 AM #2    


Ken Shires


Remembering Alvin Banks....
After watching David Richburg. - at his size- lead, impressively, a large group in a sprint across the sand lot yard that was the Morson campus, I remember (as a 13-year-old) suggesting to Coach Bauer that David would be a great running back. Mr. Bauer gave me one of those looks that combined appreciation almost as much as amusement and said, "thanks, we've already got a guy picked out." 
Three guesses.
Would love to have footage of Alvin on some of those end sweeps against Daniels....a beautiful thing.

09/21/21 12:18 PM #3    


Ken Shires

It's discouraging to realize we have lost touch with so many of our class members. There are about 50 for whom we have no address -- including great personalities like Dana Lewis and Carlysle Bennet. Stephen Brown who worked diligently when we were juniors the make that '69 Jr.-Sr. prom such a hit. Gareth Barnard...

Why not take a few names from the list and sleuth around with Google, Classmates, Facebook...whatever resource and just find 'em.  It's a class reunion of course, not a clique reunion. 

12/07/22 09:15 PM #4    

Faye Dillard (Coombs)

Gene Wells. Thank you for the Birthday Wishes

07/23/23 09:22 AM #5    


Ken Shires

July 23, 2023

Excerpt from an email to two friends....

Clear blue sky, cool temps so far…ruined by my mind thinking of your mugs 😬


I went to a funeral Tuesday for our classmate, Clifford Watson. Besides in the halls of Enloe, I interacted with him at Lions Park playing basketball with Otha Chavis, Jerome Powell, Larry Bryant, and the Hinton twins, Willie, and William.


The funeral, for Clifford was one of the most uplifting funerals I have ever experienced. (the one I attended for Ann Carver's mother takes the cake for the most humorous.)He had a beautiful family. I did not know he had been a Marine and that Otha Chavis was his best friend.


Funerals are a lot more meaningful now than when I was younger —that’s largely because of my faith, and because they are indisputable markers of the passage of my life.


What made Clifford‘s funeral so noteworthy was the overwhelming open heartedness of the attendees. It was a reunion of old friends from the days of the 60s. Not so much Enloe friends, but people of the community in East Raleigh The love and energy in the air was a stark contrast to the way some white churches tend to mute themselves at funerals. I knew hardly anyone there, but I was infused with joy.

 Randy and I have talked about the purely random things I remember from over 50 years ago. One of those instances was a time at Lion’s Park when Clifford came up to me in the hallway and asked me to loan him a nickel. (It’s been a while since I have seen a nickel.) Don’t ask me why I remember that. It recalls for me the difference in financial state of the races in those days, and at the same time, the openness of Clifford’s personality. I told people that if Clifford were standing beside me now, I would ask him to loan me some of his endearing personality. Hardly anyone there could speak of him without smiling. The music he had “specified”, for the occasion was, “Having  a Party” by Sam Cooke. It was certainly fitting 🙂. The family had evidently asked Lea Funeral home to place Clifford’s Trilby on his chest as an essential part of his attire. Also fitting 🙂


Kaye Webb was there as was Paula Montague, Valerie May, Jerome Powell and Otha. I so enjoyed seeing them.


Attending the most desegregated high school between DC and Atlanta has had an enriching and positively formative impact on my life. (To my frustration, I’m still plagued with the inculcated sickness of racism.) Enloe (and Lion’s Park 🙂) has been a blessing that, certainly at that time, members of my family, my league of friends and their parents did not discern.

07/24/23 08:48 AM #6    

Jeff Colbert

Beautifully written, Ken.  I count it as one of the greatest blessings of my life to have attended Enloe when we did.  I am nowhere near where I should or could be, but I am SO much a better person because of what we experienced in those three amazing years.

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